Sunday, September 16, 2007

Childish Temper Tantrums

First there was an organization called The Humane Society. They couldn't keep up, so a few volunteers got together and formed a little group on a farm, called M Farm, that protected and rescued abused and neglected animals and adopted them out. Then there was another, and another, and one called P___.
Well, P___ got arrogant and well-funded, and they denied M Farm admittance to their fundraisers.

Here you have two groups that are ostensibly doing the same thing - and because one is jealous and childish, they want to ban others from doing the same good work!
How ridiculous is that?
And how freaking typical.
It isn't about the abused and neglected dogs any more, it's about personalities and superiority and inferiority complexes running rampant. It's about emotionalism and 'me first'. It's about selfishness and self-promotion. It's about time we stopped getting involved and participating in these silly little temper tantrums.

A friend of mine and I could not attend a fund raiser. So we donated money to the cause. Well, one of the people on the board of the fund raiser, at the fund raiser, made some scathingly nasty comments about why my friend didn't attend the fund raiser. That group will never see my money again. Ever. Not a penny, not a minute of my time, nothing. They can rot in hell for all I care. A good cause? Maybe. But a good cause run by temperamental manipulative children will never be a 'good cause'. Why waste my time and money on them, when there are so many other good causes out there to support?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Netspeak Morons

Don't you just love it when people post to blogs, using incompetent 'simplified' spellings, abbreviations, and text-messaging icons and substitutions that make no sense, even if you try to read it aloud and puzzle it out?
It's all about geekspeak; people trying to prove their superiority and writing skills by insulting the intelligence of those who can communicate effectively. It all comes from the college liberals who tell their students, "No, you don't have to form an hypothesis, test your theory, scribe your step-by-step notes - just make something up, and everyone will buy into it!" Critical thinking and delving explanations are productions of a slow-moving, too-deep mind. Pounce, slash, and run away!
I of course am more impressed by literary and historical references, thoughtful communications, and understanding. This cannot be accomplished in a 10-second sound bite or a thirty-second commercial. We want everything fast; our impacts, our information, our education, our sensibilities' satisfaction, our personal gratification. Then we can move on to something else, and something else. Then we wonder why we are still so unsatisfied at the end of the day.
Like fast food and instant breakfast, we get no nutrients, nor do we want any from today's literary, scientific, or media worlds. We are fat and spoiled and completely lethargic in our lack of perceptions and conceptions. It takes too long to get an education, to research effectively, to present all sides of a story. Text me when you're free and I'll meet you for sushi, a diet coke, and you can fill my ears and gut alike with instant garbage. My intestines and brains can rot with equal fervor, lose tonal qualities because of a lack of exercise, and atrophy completely away.
Those who suffer from premature ejaculation must be thrilled; they have finally come into their world.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What is it with Women?

Have most women gone completely nuts?

Or do they just not have any conception of what it is like to be a real vital human being? Or maybe they really are the whole 1950's conception of the simpleminded, simpering, manipulative bitch?

Damned few women I know are anything more than a product of their emotions. They are downright embarrassing. They are afraid of their age. They are afraid of their body weight. They are horrified if a wrinkle shows up on their 32 year old artificially-sunbaked, makeup-caked face.They are afraid of being who and what they are, and terrified of what they could become with a little effort. They cling to sleeplessness, drug addiction, depression, bulimia, hair color, and plastic surgery as well as all manner of new and fantasized diseases to identify themselves. (Creepy crawly leg syndrome? What the hell is that? Get off your ass and walk around the block!)

If they ever are diagnosed with a real and serious disease, they keel over like little rag dolls - "I can't do that anymore. I'm sick." No, you're not, you lazy bitch. You just want someone to live your life for you. You want someone to tell you that you are young and beautiful and still sexually attractive. Well, you might be, to some man who thinks that sexuality is a Barbie doll, or who desperately needs to feel superior to whatever woman he's with. But quite frankly, you are useless in the grand scheme of things and ought to follow through with that long-anticipated suicide attempt. The superficial life that you demand to live is not worth anyone else's expended efforts to keep you happy and satisfied. PS - no one ever will be able to satisfy your ever changing demands or needs, so why should they bother? You got a gold-plated one, you think it is that valuable in trade? Every crackwhore on the street has one, and can use it better and to more advantage than you ever will.

And then there are the self-involved 'mothers' who think that their widdle children have to be coddled and protected - from everything from the boogeyman to that mean teacher that actually wants their little baby to accomplish the simple task of writing a complete, coherent sentence. "Mothers" who demand that everyone in the room must pay attention to their little darlings to the exclusion of all else - and the 'room' could be an opera house, a restaurant, an auditorium, a grocery store, or even someone else's house. "Mothers" who think that their little pigfaced brats are the closest thing to a prophet or a bar of gold. Until the drifty liftschitz that they have lovingly caressed and fussed over becomes a serial killer - then they are all over the media, crying, "What happened? It must have been his peer group/society/the mean cops/the mean second grade teacher/the air/water/dirt around our house..." If you can't smack your kids more often, trust them less, and be suspicious of them, you deserve to be incarcerated, restricted to bread and water, and never allowed to communicate with either children or adults except through a steel partition.

Women have become so immersed in soap operas like Sex in the City and Seinfeld, commercials, and phony reality-TV shows that they have forgotten what real womanhood is about - it's about steadily growing in both mind and spirit throughout their lives, never letting anyone control or dictate to them, and never ever letting anything stop them from getting what they desire. You know, like men - only stronger, smarter, and less gullible.

Men are not toys, tools, superiors nor inferiors - they are just men - either useful partners or useless superficial drones, slavering over the next model, hiding their Don Juan tendencies and latent homosexuality under their burgeoning bellies or behind their seductive smiles. Either earn and keep a partner who respects you, and whom you can respect, or kick 'em to the curb like the mangy dogs they are. Don't run after them whimpering, or seduce them and then sneer craftily while you rifle their pockets and credit cards - that makes you nothing better than the aforementioned crackwhore, and just as deserving of respect.

The Fleas on Ron Paul

God didn't create blogging, neither did Al Gore nor Bill Gates. If any one of them had, they would have probably put their own signature on it - God's quite different from alBore or BGates. What bugs me is that, like God's creation of the tongue and fingers, any one with a computer can spout off on any subject, rally anyone to any cause, promote to any group any stupidity or fallacy - and the group that reads it will react.

The most recent stupidity is of course the mass blogworld hysteria over the Ron Paul campaign. The biggest mistake Ron Paul ever made was to trust in his ignorant Libertarian buddies to run his "grassroots" campaign. By doing so, he has been abandoned by his longtime people. He has shown his inability to pick a good and forceful Cabinet if by some fluke he ever gets the Presidency, by allowing his emotions to supersede his intelligence and practicality. He has kicked to the curb people who could have, would have helped him unstintingly, by his believing in his ripoff, self-promulgating Libertarian buddies' contention that an Internet grassroots campaign can and will work! - Ignoring the fact that not one of them has ever run a viable campaign nor ever gotten anyone elected, especially in a hotly contested race.

Paul supporters dance at the prospect of "40,000 volunteers!" not understanding that that is not even 10%, no, not one percent, of the voting public. Most of the campaign's "volunteers" are using the campaign to promote their own tinfoil hat ideas and ideals - attaching every and any conspiracy theory to it like parasitical fleas to a dog. One flea, ten fleas, even twenty fleas will not take down a dog - but hundreds will poison his blood and make him susceptible to any and every infection. And so this campaign will slaughter itself. Meanwhile, the fleas will fall off the dog in amazement that it died, and immediately attach themselves to the next gullible fool who does not prevent against them, and the next, and the next. The Big Fleas - those who are taking the campaign money and lining their own pockets with it - will go on to the next losing campaign, bragging about their 'accomplishments' on this one, and blaming everyone but themselves for their own incompetence and inability to get Ron Paul elected. The Home office hangs up on or is rude to callers. And Paul is oblivious, ignoring even his longtime friends who have begged him to do something about it.

News Flash - Paul sparked the interest and creativity of a longtime movie producer. This producer had lined up an all day Ron Paul rally on a pier in California - with famous movie and television personalities and names as well as several popular bands who supported Paul to come out and participate in the Rally. Cost to Ron Paul - nothing. What happened? Ron Paul's Election Staff Fleas refused to give the producer a viable date and time for Paul's schedule, and instead demanded that this producer give them the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the famous participants so that they could contact them! That producer gave up on Paul and his campaign in disgust, thanks to the fleas that have attached their parasitical mouths to him.

These fleas are all about handing out pamphlets and attending parades and setting up booths and hanging their signs everywhere, not to mention drowning their like-minded geek-email subscribers in reams of multiply repetitive garbage, advice, and ignorance. Anyone who tries to offer real advice or caution is ignored or roundly criticized. What they are not about - what they do not understand - is that still, six months later, most voters not only do not know about Ron Paul, they do not have any emotion save one about him. Politics, like it or not, is run on emotion. And the only emotion about Ron Paul (that the fleas do not grasp and do not know how to change) is "loudmouth also-ran".

Here is an example of one of the postings of these Ron Paul adherents - a fool who has run eight "campaigns" all on his own for himself - none successful in any way.

"I had my first brush with the law as I push for Ron Paul. I got arrested. Yeah, I was being civilly disobedient by hanging a Ron Paul banner on a railroad trestle. When a city cop rolled up and arrested me. I didn't resist or flee and the time I spent handcuffed in the back of the patrol car gave me time enough to explain why a middle aged teacher with no arrests in his entire life would support Ron for President. Apparently he was moved enough to release me and allow me to avoid an afternoon in the clink, but I still have a $465 dollar fine staring me in the face.

The real problem for me is that I am that "marginal middle class" family man that Ron refers to when he talks about the government spending eating away at the middle class. As a teacher its hard enough to make ends meet. This certainly doesn't help. I expect that my wife and children will detest PB&J before the month is over.

Away, if you happen to know any folks who would like to help out I'd appreciate it. My court date is Monday September, 17th.

I'm just looking for help defraying the cost of the fine. Any little bit will help. Once the fine is paid I'll happily return all extra monies to the donors ... or if they prefer ... I'll buy more paint and hang more signs for Ron."

The poster knew - KNEW! - what the laws were and are. He himself had to follow them when he was running for all of his previous worthless and wasted candidacies. But he is exemplary of the glut of followers of Ron Paul - no class, no talent, no comprehension of how to run a viable campaign - all mouth and no ass. Well, lots of asses. Jackasses.

Their effectiveness is exemplified in one simple fact - Ron Paul could not win the straw poll in his own State of Texas. If you can't win in your own home precinct, home town, or home state, you cannot win. But the Libertarian geniuses all shrieked at how proud they were that he came in third... just as they will when the votes are tallied, Paul is knocked off of the ballot in the primaries, when he comes in third (or fourth, or fifth). Libertarians and their blank-eyed, mouth-breathing ilk don't understand, will never understand, that it isn't a good showing in politics if you don't win.

Sadly, Ron Paul apparently doesn't understand it either. By allowing this to continue, his grassroots campaign has proved one thing and one thing only - that Ron Paul is not leadership, not Presidential, material. Rather than let the country continue to slide slowly down the slippery slope, everyone should vote for Hillary or Obama and let the history of this country come quickly to a violent and completely socialist, nanny closure.