Saturday, March 23, 2013

"And That's all I got to say about that."

I hate liars and thieves.
Literally, gutwrenchingly hate them; badly enough to pop them in the face when they lie, or to grab their arms and twist them behind their backs - or worse - when they steal.

I know - I should say, I KNEW - quite a few.  Now - not so much. Most folks here are blindingly honest, whether it hurts you, or them, or not. It's nice. There's a couple of liars, a couple of thieves, but everyone knows it and steers clear of them. They do not profit.

What irritates me is when honest, decent people trust liars and thieves, and give them every opportunity to redeem themselves, and to become successful, intelligent, and cognizant human beings  - and the liars and thieves walk away, screaming 'Racism!' and "Prejudice!" and other epithets, laughing and sneering at the people from whom they've stolen for being such dupes.

What I see is a couple of people who lied and stole, purposefully, intentionally, and viciously, and a couple of others who trusted them until they were proven wrong - and then kicked them to the curb. Sadly, the decent folk are often persecuted as politically and as viciously as the former - because "they should have known". Riiiight. 

LITTLE-KNOWN LEGEND - Many years ago - so the story goes - a couple of Mormon missionaries went to a certain Southern-SC  town. They were harassed and vilified, even to the point where their Temple garments ("Mormon underwear") were hung up in the windows at the local dry cleaners, with the sign, "Mormon Monkey suits" plastered across them. Their church leaders told them to get out, and to "kick the dust from their heels" when they left - which was the Mormon way of cursing that town. (Matt.10:14 "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.") They did. Whether you believe in curses, or that the natural meanness and inbred viciousness of that town is their real curse, doesn't matter. To this day that town is cursed with innate cruelty, viciousness, and the virulent promotion and defense of meanness, lies, thievery, and depravity as a norm. To this day, no Mormon missionaries are allowed to live there - they can proselytize, but must be out by sunset.

Guess which town that is.

No matter how many people try to save, help, raise up, and promote them, the residents will either insistently drag them down to their level - or 'go after them' with every evil device to hand; to beat them down, to torment them, to impugn them. They are crabs in a bucket, each one struggling to pull another down, to keep everyone in the same swamp water that they pollute with their own feces. They cling to and wrap themselves in their ignorance and self-loathing like a filthy tattered quilt against the light, the truth, against God Himself. Their God is Mammon, and they vicariously glory in anything they can get from someone else; be it their innate decency or their money. (And, BTW, no, I'm not a Mormon - but I can see evil.) No, not all of them - but of the ones who are not, most will defend to the death and believe in the ones who are evil, against all rational and God-fearing thought or emotion.

Glad I'm out of that smarmy, politically-motivated morass of self-abuse, crab-clawing, and throat-slitting.Wish I could extend my salvation to my few good, honest, and decent friends who are still caught up in that Evil - but they have chosen their own paths.

"And That's all I got to say about that."