Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 - The Political Storm that is Coming

Christmas is over; all of the bright lights and gifting is gone, and now it is time to get serious again. We haven't much time left, so - right into it.

Yes, I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I always have been.

This surprises no one who knows me well. They have gone with me to Ron Paul speaking engagements, many of which I organized, have sat at the same table with me and Ron Paul, and discussed politics and family and Americanism, long before Paul was a Presidential Candidate.  They have seen the pictures of  me at Ron Paul events, at straw polls, at Republican Party debates, from Columbia to Myrtle Beach, during the Presidential Candidacy of 2008. They know that hanging in my parlor is an 8X10 picture of me and Ron Paul shaking hands.

In 2007, I became very much aware of the lies that were being told to the American public, not only by Obama and the Democrats, but by the GOP and then-President Bush, as well as local candidates and governments. I realized exactly what would happen - that RINO McCain would be shoved down our throats as the GOP candidate of choice, that he had no chance against the Golden Boy Obama, and that there was collusion on the parts of both the Democratic and Republican Parties to quash the American People and their Constitution. I realized that I, as an outspoken and adamant individual, had two choices - to either stand foursquare on behalf of the American people and face vicious opposition, or to tell everyone to go eff themselves and go make plans for my family for the coming collapse.

It was easy to fight when I had a DH who stood foursquare behind me, backed me in everything I did; it was easy to fight for what was right and honest and true when I was healthy and strong and could take on all comers. When my DH became crippled, and his doctors gave us an expiration date for him of two years, and I was at the same time diagnosed with lupus, I took a hard look around me. I realized that the very people for whom I was fighting were following the passionate, emotional, and deadly freedom-killing rhetoric of my opponents. I decided to tell them, in a word, to "take this job and shove it". They were not worth it. Did it offend them? You Betcha. Did I give a shit? Not at all. I let them know - to their everlasting insulted shock - that they were not as important to me as my DH and my life.

So I did what I had always wanted and planned to do - I quit everything, bought a farm in the middle of nowhere, and started becoming self-sufficient - and silent.

DH's official expiration date has passed (thee years ago) now; and he is living a happy and productive life - as far as he can,  with the drugs and pain forcing him to take morning and afternoon naps, with it taking him five times as long as it used to, to accomplish even the simplest tasks. By eliminating not only much of the stress but the unwholesome food, contaminated Savannah River water, and humid miasma that passes for air in SC from my life, I am healthier, stronger, and can do far more than I used to, far more often.

So as I watch from a very remote location, I am merely struck by the continuing gross stupidity, gullibility, and simple-minded, mouthbreathing brainlessness of the Vox Populi. They are falling for the same old rhetoric and same old lies again. They haven't the wit or wherewithal to understand what is happening to them, what is being perpetrated upon them, what is being taken from them under the guise of promising them 'better' - at "someone else's" expense. They are still just as mawkishly stupid and emotionally driven as they have ever been.

I admire Ron Paul for still trying to educate them, but he casts pearls before swine. Most aren't bright enough to even read and understand their own Constitutional rights, or that they are being taken away from them. They are and will continue to be useless, emotional, mouthbreathing morons with the attention span of moths - battering themselves to death against any bright light the media shines for them.

They deserve exactly what they are going to get this year, and I have no sympathy for them. At all. 

Sadly, not even Ron Paul can save them from the Congresscritters they insist on re-electing to steal from them, the local-government morons who are lining their own pockets and making their own rules to suit themselves and their donors, that will leave their constituents poorer, less educated, and less free, month by month, year by year, one law and ordinance at a time.  Ron Paul cannot save people from themselves, and expecting that his election (or any Presidential candidates' election) will turn this country around is courting - even demanding - failure.

Oh, yes, at the close of 2011, I still See Stupid People -  but fortunately, it is through a telescope of time, distance, and space, like watching sunspots erupt on the surface of the gaseous star over our heads. They may eventually affect me, reach this far, but only minimally. They burst and burn with their own ignorance, their own emotional rhetoric, their own flaming desires - that all too quickly are swallowed by the great dark vacuum of Congress, Washington, and their own selfish and self-involved flares of sudden brief and brilliant ineptitude. Sound and fury, signifying nothing... at all.

Happy New Year! Or, as the Irish bridegroom said, "Brrrrrace yeself, Bridget!" - the foreplay is over, and now the hard fucking begins. Bend over and take what you asked for, begged for, and demanded for so long. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thoughts on Co-Prepping and "Home-Grown Terrorism"

Some links about "Home Grown Terrorism"




OMG! These are the types of people I live around.
This week was pretty hectic at work. I was pretty involved in a lot of various out-putting of 'fires' - everything from social-services-induced drama with some teenagers to co-teaching a class on American History (I was able to give the Southern perspective and some factual information about the War of Northern Aggression 00).

Talking to one of the teachers about her horse ranch, we discussed the recent lifting of the ban on horse-slaughtering in the US. Yes, that's right - the ban that PETA and HSUS fought for six years ago has now been lifted, and horses will now be able to be processed for meat for human consumption. My friend actually owns two ranches, one here and one in Wyoming. We discussed what this would mean not only to the wild horses of the Plains, but to horse ranchers in general, as well as human consumption and availability of horse meat. (When the US was slaughtering horses, most of the meat went overseas.) Horse ranchers will once again be able to 'cull' their herds, and the price of good sound rideable stock will go back up. The cost of good animals will soon be higher - since the culls will soon be sent to slaughter. So if you are thinking about getting a horse or two or several, you may want to look into it rather quickly. If you don't know anything about horses, their care, upkeep, and requirements as well as their training, find someone local who does, to school you.

We had a 47,000 acre ranch sell here yesterday for $11.7 million. The bid opened at $10 million, and there were no takers. Since this ranch employs many of our local cowboys and particularly the managing family who are friends of mine, we were concerned. There was some spirited bidding between Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, some overseas buyers and some Ted Turner factions, but the winner was an American family from ND. This family of 7 brothers owns much of the land in ND, some in SD, and now a part of NE. It will continue to be run as a cattle ranch/hay-and-corn harvesting ranch. We are all breathing a sigh of relief that the land won't be brutalized and overgrazed by some get-rich-quick schemer, or turned into a holiday property with delusions of "ranch life" for the rich and bored. Life will continue; lots of beef, lots of production, lots of good solid investment in the future of not only beef but the ranching way of life that is all too quickly disappearing.

 One of the local large ranchers has a wife with whom I work. We were talking about the sale and the ranching way of life. She noted that many folks who call themselves 'ranchers' now might have only 20 head, where they used to graze 500. Some kids are growing up to go to college and never come back. Her own husband joked that, "If we had known what it was like 20 years ago, we'd have sold grandpa's property and gone to town and gotten jobs!" Ranching is a risky proposition even in the best of times; and takes constant application. Her DH and two sons are jacks-of-all-trades; dig wells, repair their own tractors and machinery, even bore out engines when necessary. But as she said, the most important thing is that they hold onto the property - because even if cattle go down to $.15 a pound, they'll still have their gardens and their own meat. Most of the folks around here are canning and dehydrating fools, and are stocking our basements and pantries and freezers with alacrity. We are a dawn-to-dusk beehive of self-and-mutually-reliant 'terrorist activity'.

"Winter" is coming, the dark winter of struggle and survival, and we are watching it from our High Plains location; investing in everything to ensure that we will have food, not just for ourselves, but for each other and even to sell. The lye came in, so now I can make soap from the 50 lbs of pigfat I rendered down for lard. This spring I will go East to attend a UNL college course on - beekeeping. Wax and sugar from tiny little critters to advance my own self-sufficiency, as well as to share, trade, or even sell.

Incidentally, our first steer that we had processed came out to $250 for 4 100-lb boxes of steak, roasts, and burger... guess that definitely makes me a terrorist, since I've got more than 7 days of food, not counting the 400 lbs of pig (including the backfat) we got from the processor last month. There are several hundred "terrorists" around me, though; all planning and prepping, stocking up and harvesting, so we are in good company. Every news story, every new development, from a ranch sale to a slaughterhouse, we carefully fit into our futures. We don't talk about it much; there are no meetings of preppers, no political organizational meetings, no shouting disagreements at the local bar or restaurant. We are too busy to Occupy other peoples' property, too busy to go to meetings or protests, too industrious to sit and listen while folks tell us what is coming. We already know. We share work and skills and output, recipes and materials, and we work together to make our own lives full - often without a dollar being exchanged.