Saturday, January 29, 2011

Move Along - Nothing to See in the Middle East

The London Telegraph printed a 'secret' (is anything secret anymore?) document, showing that the US had brought an Egyptian dissident to America, and trained him in how to organize an overthrow of the Egyptian government. Read it here:

You'd think America would stay out of these endless uprisings, be upfront and deal fairly with whomever is in power - fair trade and no trade deficits. But there is money to be made, oil and minerals abound, and Egypt is at the Suez Canal - they can stop oil shipments any time they want. Never mind that there are not only vast resources under our own country - which, by the way, BP is assiduously extracting in the Northwest - or that the main reason fuel prices are so high is because, in the 70's, Congress with her lobbyists restricted the number of fuel refineries in the US. If you can't refine it locally, the price for shipping and refining goes up. Never mind that much of our Alaskan oil resources are being sold to China and the Far East. No, we must deal with OPEC - whomever might be in charge this week.

This stinks - as it always has - of profiteering. Recently, Newsweek printed an article that said that NATO is requesting that Russia return to Afghanistan, to train troops and assist the Americans. The vast amounts of cash that Russia dumped into Afghanistan while they were there contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union - and the US was there, in opposition to Russia, training those mountain people to fight against the Communist regime that Russia backed and espoused. So naturally, Russia is demanding concessions from NATO. And so the game continues...

It was we who put Saddam Hussein into power, gave him the funding and weapons to form his own little dictatorship, and then were forced to go back and take him out again when he got out of line and dared to try to bite the hands that fed him. And apparently, our wonderful government is doing it again - training fundamental Muslims on how to overthrow their current dictatorial government to replace it with one of their own. Keeping the Middle East in an uproar, funding first this and then that future dictator, is what our own government is doing - for our own good. It's all about democracy and freedom, though, isn't it - replacing one regime for another and using American dollars and American blood to grease the wheels of 'progress'. That makes it all ok.

People will tell you that you just don't understand, that no one can understand the intricate ins and outs of dealing with other countries, other governments, especially those led by religious fanatics, unless they are involved in it daily. Besides, it's boring. Who cares about the Ayatollah any more? Wasn't he Iranian, anyway? What's the big deal? It has nothing to do with us, in our little lives, our little communities, trying to get that dog park built or that ruling overturned. We have to help first this poor afflicted soul, then that one, with money, and armaments, and training, so that they can fight the previous poor afflicted soul who took those same monies and armaments and training and used them to become the current dictator. Isn't it fun?

It's like a game of chess where you are always the white, and your opponent in black keeps changing. Of course, when you have an endless supply of American blood and American money, you actually own the chessboard and can dictate who the players are. Never mind that your poor little pawns keep getting blown up, lives and bodies shattered, and that the cost of living for the common man keeps climbing with no end in sight. Who cares? They're just pawns in an end game of money, drugs, and resources, the benefits of which the pawns will never see. Tell them it's for freedom, it's for God and country and the American way of life, it's to spread democracy across the world! They'll buy it. Teach them that the oppression in the world is all their fault, from Africa to America to the Middle East, and that they have to do something about it. They'll buy it. We've dumbed down the education in this country so far that no one even questions their inherited guilt any more. Send 'em to Wal-Mart, and tell them to fahgeddaboudit. It has nothing to do with them. Nothing to see here. Let's go save Egypt!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Liberals are Blaming Palin and Beck For Giffords' Shooting

Because they have to.
You see, liberals believe that we are all intrinsically evil. They believe that no one (aside from them) has the ability to make a choice. We are all too stupid, too uneducated, too emotional to decide to either pick up a gun and enforce our demands and desires - or choose to not pick up a gun, not harm others, not force our will through violence or violent suasion. While they may not believe in a god, they DO believe that Man qua Man is a goofball, an idiot, an irresponsible doofus who has to be protected from himself, or he will invariably do something stupid.

Liberals also believe that it is they who are given the gift of sight; that they can see exactly how everyone should behave, and that they are amazingly suited to direct that behavior. It is this extreme arrogance that causes them to enforce laws that restrict all of those "other people" - the lesser beings who are mere crawling, gibbering masses of fundage for their cartoonesque plans to "rule the world!" We can't be allowed to have guns because we'll probably kill someone. We can't be allowed to state our opinions, because someone might be influenced by them. We can't be allowed to live our lives the way we choose, because they didn't choose that lifestyle for us.

It is for these reasons that they have assiduously worked to lower the educational processes in this country to emotional feel-goodism, the removal of intellectual competition and free thought, and an 'everyone gets a prize' mentality. It is for these reasons that they have reduced the intellectual debate of issues to name-calling. It is for these reasons that they insist on excusing everyone who commits a criminal act by giving them excuses like, "It wasn't his fault, it was society's/his mother's/his race's/ his economic status's fault". Today, of course, it is "Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, and the Tea Party's fault". What they do not tell you - what they cannot explain, even amongst themselves - is that, when it is "someone else's fault" then it is EVERYone's fault, and we are all guilty and all shameful, horrible people. No one can be - or should be - held responsible for his or her own actions any more.

Bluntly, this attitude will destroy this country more surely than illegals swarming over the borders, nuclear explosions, or mass insurrectionism. Because it takes away the very foundation of this country; the foundation espoused and enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And that foundation is the basic individual freedom and the concordant (but often ignored) personal responsibility required of every individual to keep and enhance that freedom. When you are a nation of slaves to mutual and mass guilt, you are no longer a free people.

Now the liberals are screaming, "Off with their heads! Take away their guns, take away their freedom of speech, they aren't smart enough, good enough, to handle it!!!" Well, if you are stupid enough to take Palin's or Beck's or Limbaugh's quotes and posts and exhortations literally, then you are exactly, made to order, what the liberals say that you are. If you are stupid enough to read Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto (as the shooter's own Youtube videos attest) and take them to heart, you are exactly what the liberals say that you are. However, if you are smart enough to think and reason for yourself, and weigh truths against lies, facts against falsehoods, and opinions against dissenting opinions, you will realize that they are all trying to manipulate you - and you will not participate in that manipulation. You will not allow mass guilt to take the place of personal responsibility. You will not allow the concept of blame to take the place of responsibility. You will not permit the fanatics of any stripe to use you as a ping-pong ball on their slate of conquest.